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DZ PANO,派諾時尚文化傳媒有限公司旗下個性化定制時尚品牌,創立於 2012年3月。強調面料質地,注重細節,崇尚和踐行個性化人性化設計和服務。



【時尚觀】Fashion Values


時尚,無所謂快慢;定製,無所謂高級或低級。時尚的靈魂是人性化、個性化 … 時尚,超越時空,超越種族,超越文明。時尚,就是我有我風格;時尚,就是做你自己!這,或許很奢侈,但,也可能,易如反掌。

It doesn’t matter that fashion should be fast or slow; The core values of Fashion tailoring are not high or low level, but humanization and personal style. Fashion could be beyond time, space, ethnic groups, even civilization. Fashion is that I have my own style; Fashion is to be yourself. Maybe this kind of fashion is luxury, but it could be very easy, too.




【如何購買】How to Buy


線下,即,勞駕您前往我們的華服定制體驗館,選款定制,或現場當面表達定制意願,我們幫您評估並實現之。線上,您可在官網選款購買,或通過電郵、Skype等即時通訊工具與我們聯絡互動,表達需求意向,從而達成交易。在網絡通聯技術空前發達的當今世代,我們認為無需入駐任何第三方電商平台。您也可以通過關注我們的微博、臉書、油管、推特等自媒體賬戶,悅享時尚資訊、款式薦賞,留言或私信聯繫我們,表達您的需求 …

In our DZ PANO Clothes Gallery Hall, you could choose and buy some styles. Also just face to face, let us know what you want, and then we try our best to meet your needs. Online, DZ PANO official website is ok. Also you could contact us, by Email, Skype, to tell us your likes or what you want to customize. Please note, so far, that we have no any online stores on third-party e-commerce platform. Of course, you could follow us on Weibo, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.



【會員制 】VIP Member


自2019年8月開始,無論線上線下,全面實行會員制服務。DZ 力求盡可能人性化、高品質地服務好每一位客戶。目前,會員分普通會員和VIP會員兩種。普通會員年度消費達 5000美金以上者,自動晉級為 VIP會員。成為VIP會員後,將可能享受更多時尚文化類增值服務。只需登記並驗證您實際擁有和使用的一個電子郵箱或手機號碼,並繳納 200元會員費(每年)即可成為 DZ 會員客戶。

Since August 2019, we have started membership services. Currently, DZ members are divided into ordinary members and VIP members. When any ordinary member has annual consumption of more than 5,000 US dollars, he/she will automatically be promoted to VIP members. As VIP member, you will probably enjoy more value-added services. To become DZ Member customer, you need pay RMB 200, and show us your Email address or mobile phone.



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